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Fur-lined Rut: A Collection of Four Erotic Stor...
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A collection of four erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. Fur-Lined Rut by DJ Kirkby Allie and Rob are gradually turning their home into a love nest, creating an environment where sex is frequent and inventive. With Rob tied to a chair, helpless and excited, Allie is free to select the contents of their toy box she knows will give them both a night of exquisite pleasure. The Bitch Brigade by J. Goodwin The Bitch Brigade are a regular attraction at Dracula's, Ruby's local fetish club, inviting the men to look but not touch. Recently divorced and needing to explore her bisexual side, Ruby is drawn to Yves, the stunning Goth who leads the Brigade.... Spider Fingers by Jim Baker Thanks to a booking error, Chris is forced to share a sleeping compartment with a strange man as the train speeds between Adelaide and Darwin. Initially irked by the mistake, she starts to believe it might not be such a bad thing.... New Tricks by Shermaine Williams Barbara has been dragged on a girls’ night out, but she feels old and out of place among the young, lively crowd. Then a man nearly half her age offers to buy her a drink. She thinks Nathan is trying to pull her for a bet, but he genuinely sees her as a beautiful, experienced cougar. So who will be teaching who the new tricks once they reach the bedroom? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Katy Anderson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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